Your challenges
Do the situations below sound familiar?

  • There is a lack of time for the promotion and training of employees

  • Lack of leadership development of junior employees

  • Open and hidden conflicts exist in the workforce

  • There are communication difficulties among the employees

  • An employee needs closer neutral support in everyday life

Your benefit
I’m sure such situations also occur in your professional environment. However, as a leader, you often lack the time and the necessary distance to address this issue in a timely manner. In such situations, mentoring is indicated to provide appropriate support to the employee. The procedure is as follows:

FOCUS “Mentee”

  • Joint derivation of the question with the person concerned and you as supervisor

  • Use of professional tools and methods during several mentoring sessions

  • Creation of individually oriented programs

  • Consolidation of new knowledge and options

  • Accompaniment and target review in practical implementation